Waterproofing Sunshine Coast and Brisbane

Trust the leading roof restorations and waterproofing team in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast to restore an old and tired roof to its peak condition. With years of experience in the business, we will complete the job to your highest satisfaction, to ensure your property looks amazing. Backed by a complete 10-year warranty, you’ll not have to worry about leaky roofs for a while – and you’ll save on the repair costs that often accompany water damage. Our roof restorations are a low-cost alternative to a new roof.

Our roof restorations are a low-cost alternative to a new roof

Elevating the value of your property, and ensuring your home is a pleasant place to live, a quality roof restoration will get all the tiles, gutters and drains to peak condition. Using top workmanship and sophisticated tools, we ensure each restoration job is completed safely, so your home really benefits from the work done.

We also offer complete repainting services of your rooftop, breathing new life into any material – whether metal, tiled, Colourbond, terracotta or ceramic.

Waterproof your interiors

Protecting your interiors is essential, and when you have a shower that leaks water, your home could be afflicted by a whole host of nasty problems. Why not get your showers, tiles and sinks completely waterproofed to avoid possible damage to your floors and walls. Avoid costly repair costs in the future, and act now to make everything drier.

All your outdoor areas will be also be free from water

As well as stopping water droplets from getting inside the house, a successful waterproofing job means all of your outdoor structures will remain strong and free from the damage that can occur from excess moisture. We are experts in waterproofing balconies, retaining walls and rooftops, as well as making attractive water features watertight.

Contact us to make the right decision

Whether you are a builder, homeowner, or want to increase your returns on your business, you can’t go past our effective solutions. They will add value to your property and protect your valuable investments. As well as this, each of our roofing jobs lasts for years.

Operating throughout Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, we make it easy to obtain the results you need. Contact us today for more information on how to book an obligation-free quote, and make the most of our comprehensive service.

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